Best Casinos in England

Best Casinos in England

England is a part of the United Kingdom and a major contributor to the state’s economy. There are gambling regulations put in place by the UK Gambling Commission. Most of the top casinos in England are located in London as its most important city. However, there are several reputed casinos in other parts of England, too. Let’s briefly examine a few of the important ones. They all cater to all sorts of players interested in varied games of cards like poker and blackjack as well as other table games like roulette, baccarat, etc. There are several slots also in all casinos. Below is a short list of casinos in England that provide an excellent gambling experience to the casino-goers.

Aspers Stratford London

Best Casinos in England - Aspers Stratford London

Aspers has a top position in the list of the best casinos in England. It is a complete casino with all sorts of games one could find in a casino. It is the largest casino in London if you take a count of the gaming machines and the tables. It houses 40 table games and around 150 gaming machines. With 15 tables exclusively for poker, Aspers is reputed as one of the greatest poker destinations. There are also regular tournaments in poker and slots held here. The casino also has several restaurants and bars.

Genting Club Sheffield

Best Casinos in England - Genting Club Sheffield

Genting Club is a prestigious casino in the north of England. It satisfies the gambling urges of all sorts of players. Among the casinos in England, this is one that has a special repute for roulette with many roulette machines to boast. Other games like slots also find a special place in Genting. A couple of bars with a live band and excellent restaurants, and food joints are an added advantage.

Grosvenor Casino Leo

Best Casinos in England - Grosvenor Casino Leo

Grosvenor Casino Leo is an important gambling destination situated In Liverpool and serving the people in the region. The casino caters to the lovers of a wide range of games and is open 24/7. One major feature is the huge poker room. Also, Grosvenor Leo is one of the casinos in England with regular, almost daily, tournaments. Two cocktail bars and a grand restaurant are additional reasons to be happy about Grosvenor Leo.

Rainbow Casino Birmingham

Best Casinos in England - Rainbow Casino Birmingham

Rainbow Casino is a modest clubhouse, yet one with ample features to cater to the casino-goers in Birmingham. It is situated in Edgbaston and is one of those casinos in England that are filled with youthful vibes. It has a wide range of slots and other games on offer. Entry to the Rainbow casino is free. One major attraction is that they give gambling lessons, which can be very useful for beginners. The casino has dining facilities, too.

Hippodrome Casino London

Best Casinos in England - Hippodrome Casino London

Located in Leicester Square with three floors of gaming facilities, it is one of the most exuberant casinos in London. It is famous for its dedicated poker room and numerous gaming machines. Besides, there is a theater with live performances by famous artists, a top bar, and restaurants if you have plans to indulge. With all the vibrant ambiance it provides, one couldn’t blame anyone if they dub it the best casino in England.


The above-listed casinos are among the top-notch casinos in England, UK. One can see that most of them are not standalone casinos; instead, they are exclusive entertainment complexes with multiple additional facilities like theaters, restaurants, bars, lounges, etc. As most casinos in England are situated in London, the above list contains a slight over-representation from London. All the above casinos cater to a wide range of players and have varied gaming machines to satisfy everyone’s needs.