Best Casinos in Birmingham

Best Casinos in Birmingham

Birmingham is a buzzing city and an important tourist destination. Hence, there are many world-class things to see and do in Birmingham. And when it comes to casinos, Birmingham has some topmost casinos in the UK that add mesmerizing colors to its sizzling nightlife. There are enough casinos of various profiles to suit anyone’s tastes and preferences. Almost all casinos have some world-class restaurants that serve exotic meals, bars with elegant wines, and many other facilities such as entertainment centers, live music shows, events, and various regular tournaments. Most of the casinos have a membership feature. It is a free membership, but registering will give you added advantages like targeted offers and various other promotions. Let’s see which the most popular gambling rendezvouses in Birmingham are.

Broadway Casino

Best Casinos in Birmingham - Broadway Casino

Broadway Casino in Birmingham, UK is located at the Broadway Plaza. It welcomes gamers with an exclusive poker room and many tables for various other games like roulette and blackjack. It also houses many slots. Besides the casino, there are other facilities like the Manhattan Suite for hosting your private parties, an eatery with various international cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc. delicacies, and two bars. You may also enjoy live music programs. Free parking is available, and a casual dress code is fine. Membership is not necessary but provides benefits if you have one. The membership registration is free. Many consider this establishment to be the best casino in Birmingham, though strictly speaking, it all differs from person to person.

Genting Casino Edgbaston

Best Casinos in Birmingham - Genting Casino Edgbaston

There are many casinos in Birmingham operated by the Malaysian brand Genting. It also has many casinos in other UK cities. The Genting casino in Edgbaston has increased facilities since its renovation a few years ago. You can play the popular games of poker, roulette, blackjack, and punto banco here. Apart from gambling, you can indulge in some classy wine in the bar and also enjoy steaks and seafood delights at the much-famed Fahrenheit Grill. Membership to the casino is not mandatory. However, you can get special benefits and offers if you are a member. The casino allows free parking, and the dress code is smart casual.

Grosvenor Casino Hill Street

Best Casinos in Birmingham - Grosvenor Casino Hill Street

Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham is an important destination for live poker tournaments. Apart from the exclusive poker area, it also allows other games such as American roulette, blackjack, 3-card poker, punto banco, and, of course, the slots. There is this large TV screen to update you on your favorite football matches to add to the gambling excitement. Dining and drinking facilities offer seafood, grill, and cocktails. The casino offers free parking. The dress code preference is smart casual.

Rainbow Casino

Best Casinos in Birmingham - Rainbow Casino

Rainbow Casino Birmingham is the oldest casino in Birmingham. There was an extensive renovation in 2012, following which, it became even better. You can play all the popular games here, including slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, punto banco, and more. A grand selection of drinks and affordable though elaborate menu at the restaurant are available for your enjoyment. You can also reserve the bar for conducting private parties. Also, there is free parking available at the casino.

Genting Casino Chinatown

Best Casinos in Birmingham - Genting Casino Chinatown

The Genting casino at Chinatown is the casino in Birmingham that is famous for Baccarat and is a favorite destination for baccarat lovers. It is open 24/7 and provides other games as well, like the 3-card poker, blackjack, American roulette, and electronic roulette. There is a large TV screen if you want to watch your favorite sports events live. The casino houses the Hou Mei restaurant with various delicacies, especially far eastern cuisine, including Malaysian and Vietnamese dishes. Free parking is available. The dress code is smart casual.


The above-discussed casinos have all that you expect from a casino. There are affordable budget casinos, as well as luxury ones. Whether you are looking for some gambling fun or mean to indulge in an exquisite bar or eat a delicacy to your liking, there is enough Birmingham has to offer. And if you want a change from the Birmingham casinos, then it is not hard to find a casino near Birmingham that satisfies your choices. All the casinos mentioned are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.